parent education & skill building

Parent Education & Skill building


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Our programs consist of two broad components:

The Center offers parent education and skill-building programs to families to help reduce stress, enhance parenting skills, and strengthen the parent/child relationship. We use evidence-based curriculums and offer training that is interactive, informative, and culturally-sensitive. In as few as 14 sessions, families can be empowered to:


        Learn more effective discipline techniques

·       Increase the role of fathers in the family

·       Identify healthy strategies for avoiding stress

·       Understand and avoid intimate partner violence

·       Be a child’s first and most important teacher

·       Help parents of teens to manage behavior problems


What We Do

The Center for Child Protection and Family Support has serves as a Facilitator for the DC Citizen Review Panel (DC-CRP) which allows the Center to focus on policy and advocacy issues that impact children in the child welfare system.

The Center is a nationally recognized leader in family and children’s service programming, which focuses on prevention of child abuse, delinquency, and substance abuse by providing programs designed to strengthen families.